Zhejiang International Sci-Tech Innovation Centre


ZISTIC – We are professionals connecting professionals to opportunities in China! We are a technology and human resources exchange company that provides opportunities in China, with a have a high success rate in projects that we take-up. Contact us today if you are talented in what you do and are looking to China for opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and more.


We find in China, for all manner of talented scientists, engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs, businesspersons – Chinese or Non-Chinese – from all over the world, the following types of opportunities:


Great scientific and technological collaboration opportunities from any country to China


Business collaboration opportunities to facilitate entry into the China market and provide good employment opportunities


Commercialization and general funding opportunities in China with a high project success rate

We are a technology and human resources exchange company that operates in partnership with:

top Universities & Research Institutes in China’s Zhejiang Province

Technology companies in China’s Zhejiang Province

What Dr Guenter Grau has to say about us

Guenter Grau holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering (Microelectronics Research and Design) and is currently the Managing Director of ADVICO https://www.advico.de/.

Delegates, Dignitaries & Local Authorities

In order to ensure that our efforts to match Foreign Talents and Companies to Chinese partners always proceeds smoothly, we engage in a host of public relations and networking activities designed to put the ZISTIC name out there and to secure further and grander opportunities for talents and companies that choose to work with us.