On June 17th, the Fourth China (Shaoxing) Integrated Circuit Industry Conference took place under the theme “Driving the New Track, Empowering the Chip Era.” Over 300 guests from the national integrated circuit and automotive electronics sectors gathered in Shaoxing to discuss new cooperation models between the integrated circuit and automotive industries and explore future development opportunities. City Party Secretary Wen Nuan, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Qiu Aici, International Eurasian Academy of Sciences academician Feng Changgen, and Executive Vice President of the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute Zhou Zixue delivered speeches. Zhang Jing’an, President of the China Association for Science and Technology Reform and International Eurasian Academy of Sciences academician, gave the keynote speech. City leaders Tan Zhigui and Wei Wei also attended.

Wen Nuan welcomed the guests on behalf of the city’s four main committees. He stated that the conference serves as a crucial platform for exchange and integration between the chip and automotive industries, representing a significant opportunity for the advancement and strengthening of Shaoxing’s integrated circuit industry. He emphasized that Shaoxing will use this event as a catalyst to implement the “No. 1 Development Project” for digital economy innovation, continuously improve the business environment, and deeply integrate innovation, industrial, financial, and talent chains. The goal is to attract more flagship projects, leading companies, top talents, and innovative platforms, striving to establish a national integrated circuit industry innovation center and become a new digital economy hub in the Greater Bay Area. He encouraged experts, scholars, and industry leaders to focus on Shaoxing, invest in projects, and translate more scientific research achievements into practical applications in Shaoxing, working together for mutual benefit and win-win outcomes to write a new chapter in the development of China’s integrated circuit industry.

Qiu Aici remarked that the integrated circuit industry in his hometown of Shaoxing has developed a unique, collaborative full industry chain centered on specialized processes, distinguishing itself in China. He expressed his commitment to serving his hometown, facilitating industrial transformation and upgrading, and supporting the development of wide-bandgap semiconductors in Shaoxing through technical, talent, and educational services. He aims to create an innovative linkage model for “scientific research, achievement transformation, and talent cultivation,” building a competitive new industrial high ground.

Feng Changgen noted that Shaoxing has become a fertile ground for China’s hard tech industry due to its advantageous geographic location and abundant talent resources. He highlighted the remarkable achievements of integrated circuit companies in technological innovation and market applications. Feng encouraged Shaoxing to continue strengthening technological innovation, cultivating high-quality innovative talent, enhancing independent core technology R&D capabilities, and building an innovative ecosystem to achieve resource sharing and complementary advantages, driving continuous industry innovation and upgrading.

Zhou Zixue praised the high importance that successive Shaoxing leaders have placed on the integrated circuit industry and their full commitment to attracting major projects, reflecting their strong sense of responsibility. He expressed hope that Shaoxing will continue to promote the development and expansion of the entire integrated circuit industry chain, including raw materials, components, equipment, software, and design, centered around leading enterprises. Zhou affirmed ongoing support for Shaoxing’s integrated circuit industry, pledging to bring more talent, technology, and products to Shaoxing to help establish it as a highland for China’s integrated circuit industry.

During the keynote session, the conference promoted the development and layout of the Binhai New Area integrated circuit industry and new technologies from JCET (Shaoxing). The ceremony for the mass production of the third phase of SMIC’s 12-inch pilot line and the launch of the 10,000th wafer took place. Nine investment and industrial cooperation projects were signed on-site, and five experts delivered keynote speeches related to their research fields.