Recently, Shaoxing Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced its plan to invest 4.2 billion yuan to construct the third phase of 12-inch wafer manufacturing trial production line project in Shaoxing Binhai New Area. The new project will mainly produce various types of power chips and power drive chips. It is scheduled to complete the construction of the trial production line this year and quickly form the technical reserves for 12-inch power semiconductor device wafer process, undertake technology transfer from 8-inch to 12-inch, and conduct small-scale trial production.

As a leading domestic specialty process wafer foundry, Shaoxing Semiconductor has successfully listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in May this year, becoming the first listed company independently cultivated by the “Ten Thousand Mu and Hundred Billion” new industrial platform for integrated circuits in Shaoxing Binhai New Area. In recent years, the company has continuously expanded project investments, achieving rapid growth in performance, with its operating income increasing rapidly from 270 million yuan in 2019 to 4.6 billion yuan last year.

It was also learned from the Shaoxing Binhai New Area Management Committee that Shaoxing Semiconductor’s subsidiary, SMIC Vanguard, has signed an agreement to settle in the area and plans to implement a mass production project based on the third phase 12-inch trial production project. It is expected to invest 22.2 billion yuan in the next 2-3 years, achieving a monthly production capacity of 100,000 wafers. It is worth mentioning that through this cooperation, as the “leading” enterprise, Shaoxing Semiconductor will better play a leading role, attract upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain to settle in Binhai New Area, and form a good industrial agglomeration effect of “attracting one, introducing a group, driving a cluster, and developing a region”.

At present, around the construction of the national integrated circuit industry innovation center, Shaoxing has formed a relatively complete integrated circuit industry chain. Currently, major projects such as Shaoxing Semiconductor, China Resources Microelectronics, and Hawei Technology are blooming in Shaoxing. The industrial scale exceeded 50 billion yuan last year. The large-scale industrialization project of Jiguang Semiconductor’s new energy power module, which was signed in May last year, has a total investment of 5 billion yuan. Currently, equipment installation and commissioning are underway, and the project is expected to be completed and accepted by the end of June. After the project is put into production, it can meet the huge demand for power modules from industries such as 10 million new energy vehicles annually, smart grid, photovoltaics, and energy storage, and will also provide new momentum for the development of Shaoxing’s integrated circuit industry.

Officials from the Shaoxing Binhai New Area Management Committee stated that since the beginning of this year, the new area has firmly established the concept of “seizing projects and focusing on large projects”, closely focusing on key links, continuously deepening the extension, supplementation, and strengthening of the industrial chain, and implementing precision investment attraction along the industrial chain. Up to now, a total of 20 industrial projects have been attracted, including 10 projects with an investment of over 1 billion yuan, 2 projects with an investment of over 5 billion yuan, and 1 project with an investment of over 10 billion yuan.