Towering skyscrapers rise from the ground, welcoming one new business after another, as Keqiao’s emerging future technology innovation park slowly but surely takes shape. A recent visit to the Zhongke Meijia Future Technology Innovation Park, located at the foot of Yangshan Stone City, showed a growing sprawl of office buildings and factory facilities already completed, as more than 10 companies finalized preparations for their new home.


Zhongke Meijia, a collaborative project between Shaoxing Meijia Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. and the Zhongke Jilin Technology Industry Innovation Platform, situated in Keqiao’s M0 Emerging Industry Park, stands as a shining example of continuously transforming traditional industrial zones from outdated to modern to future-proof. With a total planned construction area of approximately 220,000 square meters, the first phase has already been completed, spanning an area of approximately 80,000 square meters, with phase two scheduled for completion by 2024, adding approximately 56,000 further square meters of delivery, storage, and logistics zones.



As one of the first parks under Keqiao District’s “Fund + Park” initiative, “Zhongke Meijia” collaborates closely with the Zhongke Changguang Venture Capital Fund, focusing on investing in and nurturing strategically innovative breakthroughs in technology while promoting deep integration and collaborative innovation among a myriad of local industrial resources. This unique and comprehensive approach facilitates the early transformation of cutting-edge technological achievements into the productivity process and market realization – key factors brought to reality thanks to the support of the Zhongke’s integral funding endeavor, an umbrella under which multiple outstanding technology start-ups in the fields of new materials and wide semiconductors have already settled in Keqiao, its newly-founded industrial park, and their new home of limitless possibilities.


One such new member of the family, “Sikaiwo Microelectronics,” whose founder, Dr. He Bo successfully reached the ranks of 2022’s inaugural “Jianhu Talent” entrepreneurship program, is committed to developing semiconductor materials for key processes in integrated circuit manufacturing, providing global customers with cutting-edge polishing products and comprehensive technological solutions. Speaking to him in person revealed that his ability to call Zhongke Meijia home was, in fact, due to the initial funding support provided by the Zhongke Changguang Venture Capital Fund, in tandem with the tailored growth, innovation plans, and personalized technological service systems offered by the park’s team and associated personnel.



To date, multiple projects have received key support through the “Jianhu Talent” and “Keys of Keqiao” talent programs, as well as Shaoxing’s high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship competition, having eventually found the ability to call the park home. “Moving forward, through on Keqiao’s innovative amalgamating policies such as ‘talent + competition,’ ‘talent + fund,’ ‘talent + platform,’ and ‘talent + industry,’ more and more high-level talent projects will find their way to Keqiao and the park, making it a gathering place for high-level talent and a home base for technology achievement transformation in the district, nation, and beyond,” remarked Li Xia.