On June 8th, the launching ceremony of the third “Double Innovation” Competition in the Aerospace Equipment Industry (Zhuji, Zhejiang) of the European and American Alumni Association (China Association for Science and Technology) was held in Beijing. As the only county-level city in the country to host this event, Zhuji will attract talents through competitions, gather the “best brains,” and realize the expansion of the aerospace industry from “1 to N.”

It is understood that Zhuji has more than 40 companies in the aerospace industry chain, covering multiple areas such as high-end manufacturing of drones, precision manufacturing in aerospace, satellite manufacturing and applications, and research and development of visual equipment and systems. On January 3rd this year, the European and American Alumni Association’s Returnee Town (Zhuji · Aerospace Equipment) was unveiled, calling on global returnees to play a role in intelligence and technology, and to assist in the high-quality development of Zhuji’s aerospace industry. In order to seize opportunities in the industry, the Returnee Town has introduced special support policies and established a full life-cycle service mechanism for investment attraction projects, providing comprehensive and professional services from investment negotiations, preliminary preparations, construction, to production and operation.

By refining the “blueprint” into “construction drawings,” a large number of high-quality projects with promising industrial prospects and high technological content are blossoming in the Returnee Town. Recently, after three months of preparation and renovation, Zhejiang Ziming Low Temperature Technology Co., Ltd. completed the renovation of its transitional plant and put it into use, indicating that the first investment attraction project in the Returnee Town has officially entered the trial production stage, with an annual output value reaching 500 million yuan after the first phase of production. “We have visited several places across the country, and finally chose Zhuji, where upstream, midstream, and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain can collaborate better,” said Weng Jianyue, Chief Engineer of Ziming Technology. The company has a group of domestic university graduates and returnees who master core technologies in low-temperature refrigeration, and its products can be widely used in aerospace propulsion and aerospace space environment simulation.

It is reported that since its establishment, the Returnee Town has landed five innovative entrepreneurship projects for high-level talents, with a fixed asset investment of over 1 billion yuan, among which the Yuanju Technology project has introduced a team led by Professor Song Jizhou, a national leading talent from Zhejiang University, and has received a talent fund of 10 million yuan; focusing on the aerospace field, the Hujiang Laboratory has attracted more than 30 returnees this year, and has been approved as a “Zhejiang Provincial Postdoctoral Research Workstation” and selected as a high-energy innovation platform in the “315” science and technology innovation system in Zhejiang Province.

With the support of the Returnee Town in the aerospace equipment industry, Zhuji’s aerospace industry has taken a new leap. The main building of the Tianlian International Commercial Aerospace Flight Control Center project is under construction on the 11th floor; the Space Economy Intelligent Technology Industrial Park, planned to invest 1 billion yuan by Saisibeis, is undergoing equipment installation and debugging in the production plant area. “We will take enlarging the talent ‘reservoir’ and activating the development ‘main engine’ as our original intention, deepen our efforts, optimize the business environment with real measures, open up the talent channels with real money, and jointly pursue the dream of the aerospace industry,” said He Yubin, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Construction Management Office of Zhuji Science and Technology City.