On the morning of May 24, the Provincial High-Quality Manufacturing Development Conference was held in Hangzhou, where the “Zhejiang Manufacturing Tiangong Awards” were presented. Shaoxing City, along with Yuecheng District, Shangyu District, and Xinchang County, once again won the awards. Zhuji City received the award for the first time. Shaoxing secured five awards in total, ranking second in the province, just behind Ningbo.

Historically known for its craftsmanship, Zhejiang now shines with its modern manufacturing prowess. The Tiangong Awards represent the highest honor in Zhejiang’s manufacturing sector, evaluated across four key dimensions: quality transformation, efficiency transformation, innovation transformation, and performance assessment. This competition is akin to a “sword contest” among the province’s manufacturers.

How did Shaoxing stand out in this fierce competition?



On May 21, China’s first commercial infrared weather satellite, “Starloop·Nanxin University Star,” was successfully launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and entered its designated orbit. This satellite was independently developed by Weixing Space Technology Co., Ltd., a company based in Shengzhou.

Shaoxing, a vibrant hub for entrepreneurship, is witnessing continuous industrial transformation and the rapid growth of emerging industries. Companies like Weixing Space Technology are leading the way in this new wave of productivity.

Engraved on the back of the Tiangong Award is a phrase: “Manufacturing is the foundation of a strong nation.” Shaoxing, with its rich industrial heritage, has deeply integrated manufacturing into its urban development. In recent years, the city has prioritized the construction of the “4151” advanced manufacturing city, striving for high-quality industrial development and adhering to a path of new industrialization. In 2023, Shaoxing’s industrial added value grew by 10.8%, ranking second in the province.

Transformation and Upgrading: Shaoxing is accelerating the establishment of a modern economic system centered on the digital economy. It has successfully created the Cross-Strait Digital Industry Cooperation Zone, revitalizing traditional industries like brewing, dyeing, and sauce production, while rapidly expanding emerging sectors such as chip manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and battery technology. Shaoxing is the only city in the province to receive national recognition for industrial transformation and upgrading supervision and incentives.

Cluster Development: Shaoxing has been selected for four core areas and three collaborative areas in the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” provincial characteristic industrial clusters. The fluorine fine chemical industry cluster in Shangyu and the rolling bearing industry cluster in Xinchang have been recognized as national-level specialized industrial clusters for small and medium-sized enterprises. The city is leading efforts to create national advanced manufacturing clusters for analog chips, power devices, and textiles around Hangzhou Bay.

Optimizing Land Use: Through the cross-regional integration of dyeing and chemical industries, Shaoxing has reclaimed over 10,000 acres of land, providing essential space for the development of new productive forces. This has created fertile ground for industrial development, attracting new enterprises such as BYD Rail Transit Chips, Weilan New Energy, Cuike Machinery, and Yitai Technology to settle in the city.