2024 Keqiao Textile Expo | 2024 柯桥纺博会

Time : May 6-8
Place : Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center

The 2024 Keqiao Textile Expo (Spring), Shaoxing, China will adhere to the theme of “International, Stylish, Green, High-end” and the concept of “Internationalization, Specialization, Marketization and Informatization”. Spanning an area of 35,000 square meters, it encompasses four major exhibition zones: Fabrics Exhibition Area, International Exhibition Area, Clothing Exhibition Area, and Fashion Design Exhibition Area. More than 600 companies will be exhibiting, with 20 of them being overseas enterprises, including some from leading textile industry nations such as Italy, the United States, South Korea, Spain, and India.


The upcoming spring expo will showcase clothing from over 20 Korean brands. Simultaneously, the Digital Textile Expo will debut under the theme “Digital Transformation: Making Shaoxing Heard Worldwide”, alongside the “2024 China Star Fabric Launch Ceremony” and a forum for exchanging insights on prominent fashion brand trends. This emphasizes the expo’s critical role in shaping industry trends.


Concurrent events include the 2024 Keqiao Summit of Textile and Apparel Standards and Quality Management Conference, the 2024 Global New Textile Material Innovation and Development Summit, the 2024 Fashion Design Exhibition (Spring), and the 2024 Keqiao Cultural and Tourism Market, reinforcing the expo’s industrial impetus and capitalizing on the synergy of “exhibition + industry” and “MICE + cultural tourism”.

2024纺织服装标准与质量管理大会柯桥峰会、2024全球纺织新材料创新发展高峰论坛、2024时尚设计展(春季)、2024柯桥文旅集市等都将同期举办,进一步加强产业带动作用,发挥“展会+产业” “会展+文旅”的联动放大效应。


2024 Keqiao Fashion Week (Spring) | 2024柯桥时尚周(春季)

Time: May 5-9
Place: Oriental Milan International Fashion Center (Main Venue), Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center (Design Exhibition)

Themed “Follow the Light”, this fashion week features several sections including “brand launch events, fashion design exhibitions, fashion forums, and fashion salons”, encompassing nearly twenty creative fashion activities.


The opening show will focus on green design, showcasing the collaboration of two exceptional young designers who have crafted fashion pieces from high-quality bamboo fiber fabrics produced in Keqiao, blending Eastern cultural charm with Western fashion vitality. Furthermore, an outdoor show will take place in Keqiao Ancient Town, with over 20 companies participating in this Fashion Week extravaganza.


The 2024 Keqiao Fashion Design Exhibition (Spring) will be unveiled in two main zones, the “Textile Trend Exhibition” and the “Textile City Original Design Exhibition”, at the Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center.


The “2024 China Textile Fabric Design Innovation Forum” and ” ‘Branding Discourse’ – the Cutting-edge Forum on Fashion Aesthetic Ability and Aesthetic System Construction” will be held concurrently. These forums will serve as a guide for Keqiao textile enterprises to enhance their awareness of fabric innovation and assist fashion companies in constructing their own discourse systems on trends.


The Intangible Cultural Heritage Fashion Innovation Salon invites young entrepreneurial designers from Taiwan to integrate patterns of intangible cultural heritage with premium fabrics from Keqiao, using various techniques for creative design. This initiative encourages fashion designers to infuse elements of intangible cultural heritage into their original brands, facilitating exchange and collaboration in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship among young designers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Chinese mainland.