With 200,000 market entities, Zhuji ranks 10th among the top 100 counties in China for overall competitiveness and 11th in high-quality development. It was also named the best investment city by Zhejiang Business in 2022. Zhuji is now positioned for accelerated growth, driven by its evolving “strong magnet” business environment.

“Open, accommodating, and inclusive!” said a Zhuji government official when asked about the secret to creating a “directional” business environment and enhancing regional competitiveness based on its unique strengths and characteristics.

In recent years, Zhuji has deeply implemented the “No. 1 reform project” to optimize its business environment. This includes systematically improving five major environments, iteratively optimizing a “1+9” policy system for high-quality economic development, and innovating the “Fengqiao-style” business support model. The efficient operation of the “Pro-Clean Government-Business Conference” service platform has made Zhuji one of the most dynamic and creative cities in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Building a New Open Landscape

In the era of big data, creating a favorable business environment requires leveraging digital reform. Over the past two years, Zhuji has focused on the “digital economy” industry and technological advantages, establishing the Intelligent Vision “Ten Thousand Mu and Hundred Billion” new industrial platform. This platform has attracted over 40 enterprises, including iFlytek, Lucent Technology, and Xinyun Semiconductor, with investments exceeding 50 billion yuan and a total output value of 12.48 billion yuan in 2022, a 136.8% year-on-year increase.

“We are currently focusing on precision investment in leading companies in the upstream and downstream segments of the industrial chain to form a healthy industrial development ecosystem,” said a Zhuji official. The city regards the Intelligent Vision “Ten Thousand Mu and Hundred Billion” new industrial platform as a major development strategy, providing comprehensive support including specialized policies, a large industrial fund, a dedicated industrial park, several innovation hubs, and specialized events to vigorously promote the development of the intelligent vision industry cluster.

Geographic advantage is fundamental to development. Zhuji has advanced its business environment initiatives: in 2018, it introduced the “Standard Land + Commitment System” reform, creating the “Zhuji speed” for project implementation; in 2020, it launched 60 measures to optimize the business environment; and the “2022 Zhuji Business Environment Optimization Implementation Plan” proposed 38 specific measures.

Talent density reflects future development potential. As entrepreneurial innovation accelerates, Zhuji’s demand for talent is high. In 2022, Zhuji was home to 41 national-level leading talents and 26 provincial-level leading talents, ranking first among all counties (cities, districts) in Zhejiang Province.

By leveraging “openness,” Zhuji has built a business environment supported by favorable timing, geographical advantage, and human resources. In 2022, Zhuji’s GDP reached 165.9 billion yuan, a 4.6% year-on-year increase, ranking third among all counties (cities, districts) in the province. The effect of industrial growth is becoming increasingly evident.

Building a “Bridge” Between Government and Businesses

Recently, “Yangchun Shanyue · FengFUN Leisure Resort” in Yangchun Village, Fengqiao Town, Zhuji, has seen booming business, with tourists coming for barbecues and camping. The resort can host about 4,000 visitors each weekend, generating over 11.5 million yuan in revenue so far.

Since the resort’s establishment last year, Yangchun Village has formed a special team to handle policies for 107 households through land transfers, monetary compensation, shareholding dividends, and land swaps, ensuring the smooth implementation of the project. During the trial operation, village officials maintained order on-site and effectively resolved 15 disputes. “A good business environment is productivity and competitiveness,” said a Fengqiao Town official.

“Hope to host industry exhibitions and organize centralized raw material procurement.” Recently, Zhuji held the 23rd “Pro-Clean Government-Business Conference” for new-generation entrepreneurs, where ten business representatives shared their suggestions based on actual business needs. Relevant department and town officials provided on-the-spot answers and solutions.

“The monthly ‘Pro-Clean Government-Business Conference’ is a new platform for optimizing the business environment. It connects the government and businesses through informal meetings, encouraging proactive engagement from entrepreneurs and more precise policymaking from us, forming a service loop of ‘businesses posing questions, government providing answers,'” explained an official.

Continuous improvement of the business environment has attracted more significant and high-quality projects. From January to April this year, Zhuji introduced 24 projects with investments over 100 million yuan, totaling 37.24 billion yuan. Thirteen major projects were included in provincial or higher-level plans, with Zhuji leading Shaoxing in the completion rate of major projects in the provincial “Thousand Projects, Trillion Yuan” initiative.

Deepening Reform of “Delegation, Regulation, and Service”

“‘Fengqiao Xiangfei’ brand has a long history, and with the involvement of public security in setting geographical indication product standards, it’s off to a great start for brand upgrading,” said Jin Hangbiao, director of the China Xiangfei Museum, to Zhao Zhen, head of the Food, Drug, Environmental and Intellectual Property Crimes Unit of Zhuji Public Security Bureau.

In April this year, Zhuji Public Security Bureau introduced 20 measures to serve economic and social development, collaborating with seven departments and relevant towns to protect brands in traditional industries like pipes, hosiery, pearls, and Tongsan liquor. These measures include innovative content such as establishing internal enterprise conflict resolution mechanisms, perfecting a three-level linkage mechanism with community police, coordinators, and enterprise information officers, integrating digital applications for industry chain warnings, and promoting the “cloud assistance” service model.

Since the beginning of this year, Zhuji has implemented a new round of actions to tackle issues in governance, legal, market, economic, and cultural environments, creating the “Fengqiao-style” business support model and advancing measures to assist enterprises. They have optimized the “Jiyang Legal Advisor” platform, innovated the “E-Station” for resident police in enterprises, developed a “tolerance acceptance” and “one-stop” one-day service mechanism for enterprise establishment, and opened a “green window” for enterprise registration. By April this year, Zhuji had over 200,000 various business entities, continuously stimulating market vitality and creativity.